01 Creamy Cleanser 15mL

With soothing botanicals for sensitive skin.

$16.00 AUD

Active Ingredients:
  • Lauryl Glucoside is a low/no irritant soap free cleanser made from coconut and sugar.
  • Soothing botanicals including Aloe Vera, Lavender, Rose, Soy extract and Orchid.

We are proud to say The Skin Lab Creamy Cleanser is not tested on animals.

Our products contain no nasties, are Australian Made, and are very affordable.

The Creamy Cleanser comes in a 15ml Travel Size and a 100ml Bottle. All of our products also come in a Trial Pack.

  • Apply 2 – 3 pumps to the face in the morning and the evening, rinsing off with water, or under the shower.
Interesting Facts
  • A soap free cleanser for the super sensitive skin types.
  • It is very creamy and calming.
  • Great for rosacea, dermatitis, irritated skin, and facial eczema.
  • Think clean and calm!

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